Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Cass started his musical journey on his father’s drum set as a child.  He then branched out to guitar, started writing songs in the basement of the house he grew up in, and was instantly addicted to the craft of making music.  Just a couple years after his first performance in a coffee shop, Cass met and worked with legendary musical icon, Billy Joel. Cass was chosen by Billy Joel to record and perform the song “Christmas in Fallujah” which Mr. Joel wrote after years of retirement from songwriting. All proceeds (over $500,000) from the song went to “Homes for the Troops”. Cass has also been seen opening for other notable artists Gavin DeGraw and One Republic and has performed on several network TV shows, including Katie Couric on CBS, FOX and Friends Morning Show on FOX, The Early Show News on CBS, and The Second Cup Cafe on FOX.

However, having began his career in the humble setting of a basement filled with musical instruments to quickly being chosen as one of Billboard Magazine’s favorite unsigned songwriters , Cass became disillusioned by the music industry and put his solo career as an artist to the side. He took his musical talent and started accompanying and performing with other artists like Alexa Ray Joel on The Howard Stern Show and several other artists on The View, Good Morning America, and TED. Cass also spent these years producing new artists and other music for TV and Film. Cass’s latest song for film can be heard in the new romantic comedy “My Man is a Loser” starring John Stamos and Michael Rapaport, directed by Mike Young, which is expected to hit theaters early 2014

During Cass’s dormant solo artist years, he stumbled upon acting and fell in love with it. He was introduced to an acting teacher, and after learning from him, found himself quickly involved in NYC acting community. You can catch him playing roles in the new films “Song One” starring Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway and “Ten Thousand Saints” starring Emile Hirsch, Ethan Hawke, Hallie Steinfeld, and Asa Butterfield. Cass is hitting the off-Broadway stage in the new “Folk City”, a musical journey based on the books “Bringing It All Back Home” and “Hoot!” by Long Island’s Robbie Woliver. The play centers on the intoxicating world of music, alcohol and sex that lured America’s youth to 1960s Greenwich Village, looking at what it meant to be a part of the legendary Gerde’s Folk City—the nightclub that fostered the careers of many folk singers in the 1960s.

Cass Dillon recently rediscovered his first true passion, writing his own songs. When his manager’s father passed away recently, Dillon traveled out to his manager’s house to simply spend time and console a close friend. Over that 3 day weekend, with the help of some of Cass’s close friends, the single “I Love You” was written, produced, and was accompanied with a music video. Cass started to find his calling again and recorded his new EP with his band in the living room of his manager’s old country farm house. However, Cass and the band believe they were not the only ones in the house. Some other spirits definitely contributed to these recordings…

“We’re all on special journeys… I want to keep reminding ourselves of that.” – Cass Dillon